Saturday, 5 January 2008

Kate Moross

Photo by Scottee

Matthew Stone and friends interview Kate Moross.

Matthew Stone: What do you have faith in?

Space, time and complex carbohydrates. Right now they are the only three things I trust. I am not a spiritual person. Instead I indulge in science and theory to satisfy my curiosities and answers to life's questions. Carbs, carbs are amazing, if they didn't exist myself and the rest of the human population would have withered away.

MS: How can we change the world and what is there to be done?

I have no interest in all this global-warming-save-the-planet bullshit. Its going to happen. Yes the world will end. I'm sure "destroy the earth" is written into our genetic code. We are the selfish race after all. So I say, lets go DIY, and start at home. Say please and thank you, be nice to the bus driver, care for our old, care for our young and our sick. Its simple really, the only effects we can really have day to day are through the little things, the beauty is in the details, right?

Steph Raynor: Are we anywhere near where we need to be?

I'd say, Yes. If we substitute "we" for "human race" I think we are pretty awesome. Focus on the bad things, corruption, war,bla bla bla and you are likely to think that we are a complete mess. However look at what good is happening, it seems that as a race, collectively, we are reaching even higher levels of Maslow's pyramid. I think there are a lot of amazing investigations and experiments ongoing in science and the arts, that make me proud to be a human. You only have to watch a handful of the TED talks to realise that it is genuinely really exciting to be alive.

Todd Hart: What's the best example of Art really changing the world for the better?

Art will never change the world. It may nudge it and morph it in places, but like matter it can never be created or destroyed. Art it is formed out of what is going on and is then eventually reabsorbed, in one way or another.

Boo Saville: What do you think happens when we die?

Sweet Fuck All. We die. We get eaten by worms, and then we make the grass greener. Dying is simple. Its the grieving thats the hard part.

MS: What question should be added to this list?

Kate Moross: If you had the choice between either being able to manipulate space or time which one would you choose, and what would you do?


Mr Made Of Codes said...
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Mr Made Of Codes said...

I loved that.
i never thought i would have a crush on a f-homo either...

dalston shopper said...

I have to say I think I agree pretty much with what you say. Though I suspect the comments about the future of the world are simplistic or not correct. But I also suspect that what we think is correct (i.e., what the scientists tell us) is not entirely correct either. I am excited about tidal power though. For some reason I never was before but suddenly it seems like an interesting alternative compared to many others (wind power=ugly wind propellors, solar=maybe no sun and space needed, etc.).

As for the last question, I though time and space were effectively the same thing? But if they're not, then I would probably choose time.