Monday, 3 December 2007

Steph Raynor

Matthew Stone interviews Steph Raynor.

MS: How can we change the world and what is there to be done?

SR: Achieve the impossible, open all doors of perception - step through the threshold of enlightenment, free ourselves and minds through the power of art.

MS: What do you have faith in?

SR: Dark Angels, immortality, sacred philosophy and pleasure, symbolic art, the infinite divine spirit.

MS: If you could say one sentence to future generations, what would it be?

SR: No rules, Stay innocent, Embrace Experience, What's in your head is more important than the external.

MS: Do you hope to be remembered and what for?

SR: Using Art's power through political and radical change to penetrate and destroy mediocrity, transcending everything.

MS: What is most important to you?

SR: Using life as Art, putting my heart and soul into it like a knife, getting far away from unhappy, dumbed down people, being defiantly different, searching for the disturbing, dangerous extraordinary and exquisite.

MS: What question should be added to this list?

SR: Are we anywhere near where we need to be?

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